Hey There!

I’d really like to fill in this About… page, but right now one of my 4 children, the younger very chatty 17 year old, is having trouble recognizing the universal sign (typing on a keyboard with headsets) for “Mom is busy.”

gen with tea infront of word wall

Me and my power drink – Ice Green Hibiscus Tea

Believe me. I get you and your mommy multitasking. It’s hard to focus when she’s going on and on about the romper she just bought, that fact that her favorite thing about road trips are the car organization gadgets that fasten to the back of the seats and the loud rustling of plastic as she frantically searches the pantry for gluten-free vegan snacks all while singing a 21 Pilots song. Who can concentrate?

So, I’ll have to get back to you on the details of this page.

But, you should definitely check out my first blog post and my Facebook page Genevieve Skory for additional details, how this all started and helpful Tips and Tricks.

I’m glad you’re here. You will be too.

Genevieve Skory
(pronounced -Jen-Vee -ev)


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