Tip #1“Fitting in” is the wrong mindset. Girl, it’s a business not a pair of skinny jeans! Schedule. It. In. EVERY. Day!!

Nothing but chocolate, wine and french fries ever seems to get consistently “fit in.” If it’s important, simply put it on your calendar. Yes, a calendar. It’s the place where you tell yourself, in particular your brain, how you plan to use your day.  It’s the place where you say, “We’re starting here, moving on to this, and then wrapping up with that.”

An empty calendar is an invitation for an empty bank account. It invites distractions. Every single, solitary, sparkly, or chocolatey thing that comes your way will squeeze out your business without warning. And one distracted day tends to lead to another and another and then a distracted week, month, quarter…You picking up what I’m laying down, here?

This notion is not new to the world, lovie.  Serious matters are not left to chance.  They are scheduled.

Weddings… Scheduled!

Surgeries… Scheduled!



Schedule! Schedule! Schedule! Don’t make me come back there! If you cannot agree that your business is at least as important as your kid’s flute lessons, then there’s no need to really read on.

However, if you value your business as much as you value those other things you commit to the schedule, then give your business the same respect as you do the flute lessons, Girl! Practice and learn to use a calendar every day.

 #2 Work the 5-minute Timer.

It’s not the doing that people have trouble with, it’s the starting. Starting is the hardest part of anything because it involves transitioning your energy, mindset, body, and focus. You have to stop being something or someone (mom, wife, baby sister, teacher, lawyer, etc.) and start being someone else – entrepreneur, hero of your dreams, etc.

If you have made an appointment with yourself to work (see #1), and you simply just cannot muster up the energy to make it happen, make an agreement with yourself to suffer through it for just 5 minutes. That’s a measly 300 seconds. Anyone can suffer through anything for 5 minutes!  Think waxing (any body part will do), dishes, sit-ups. It’s true. If you knew that in 5 minutes it would end, you know you could suffer through it. So, set a timer. Work for 5 minutes. I mean really work. (Paper shuffling and organizing does not count, by the way. Income generating activities only. That’s code for pick up the phone and talk to someone.) Just 5 minutes. Make an agreement. If you still don’t “feel like it” when the timer rings, allow yourself to stop. Truly. Give yourself permission to stop if after 5 minutes you still don’t feel like it.

Whenever you’ve lost that loving feeling, just set a timer and get to business for 5 minutes. The truth is that “feelings” and “doing” go hand-in-hand and, although it might seem like oddly perverse logic, you will “feel like” continuing after a few minutes of doing.  Try it. It works every stinking time! The timer is your friend.

#3: Revisit your “Cry Why”

A “Cry Why” is the emotional pay-off you will receive from making your business work to the point that it changes your life and the lives of the people you love. It’s not that surface “why” that we like to serve up in meetings, or casual discussions when we don’t want to feel our real pain. It’s the thing beneath that thing. It’s the deep-down thing that if you could finally fix it – well, it would make you a better you.  It’s the difference between the “now you” and who you really are, the authentic you.

It’s the part of you that recognizes that fear, pain, frustration, and lack are not who you really are or what you were designed to experience. I call it a Cry Why because when people truly get in touch with this, when they truly feel their authentic God-made desires, it tends to be an emotional experience–dare I say, even a longing to return to all you really are.

So, back to not fitting in your business.

Your choice to not work today, or any other day, delays your dreams by one more day. Is it worth it? What will change tomorrow? Achievement is a habit, but so is under-performing. Without exception, your Cry Why should drive your daily activity.

Fitting in time for your business now will create long-lasting lifetime scheduling choices you never imagined you’d have.  Do it. Do the do and do it today.

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  1. Amen. Starting is indeed the hardest part and once I get going I generally have a hard time stopping! And then feel so much better having accomplished what I needed to!

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